Examples of Viral Marketing Strategies that Worked!

Viral marketing strategies are a group of techniques to exploit the social & online media which will produce exponential increases in a product, service or material. Its one of the major part of digital marketing since the digital world is the place of viral content. Its effect will be similar to an epidemic among the viewers or customers. JP 360 Solutions has much experience in creating viral content, and we follow the best viral marketing strategy. We have created this article based on some of the best viral marketing examples. After deciding on a viral marketing strategy, it is essential to keep in mind some significant prior actions:

viral marketing

  • A content itself cant be viral. You have to arrange your viral advertising to be done by spreading the message overall internet media. It’s also necessary to add some extra content about the project or leave at least something in the footer. It will help people to identify the brand and even visit the website/shop.
  • Be prepared to fulfill the demand of your customers. It’s very reasonable that after a viral content marketing, the need for your product or service will be high. Prepare a framework to fulfill the demand.

Assuming that you have prepared the base, it’s time to learn some effective viral marketing strategies. The most common suggestion you will get is, “make something funny or interesting” and we will look beyond that,

Viral Marketing tips

Think outside the box:

In a viral marketing content, you can use a supermodel having your product on his hand! You need a touch of art as well as create some interaction. You have to create e vibe so that people get engaged with your content and make it viral.

Bring the marketing into the real world:

Based on our study of viral marketing, it involves real people reacting to imagined situations. Sometimes you have to bring the drama. People usually love to see themselves in those situations.

Take your products to extremes:

If you are selling ordinary and boring products, you have to a different approach. Think something creative for a typical product to make it enjoyable for a user. If you use the same type of content as other, you are in the wrong business.

Make your product a reward for customers:

It’s the most common idea of viral marketing where a brand uses a creative way to attract the attention of its customers by providing rewards. Think about Pepsi’s #FutbolNow campaign, where they installed a video game in front of their vending machine. A customer needs to show his skills to get a free Pepsi. It’s still their one of the successful campaigns ever. They get constant attention to their brand as well as their product by simply using some free cans.

Work with unlikely partners:

You can add value to your brand as well as your marketing efforts by simply adding other partners. Think about giving a free product or added benefits. Both your brand and your partner will gain an advantage from this. HP does the same by pairing with Kiva and The Walking Dead TV show with the UC Irvine.

So you know you have learned the basics, right? Below you will find some viral marketing examples that got maximum exposures from their audience. You can also use these techniques to create viral marketing,

These are five examples of viral marketing techniques that can be applied to virtually any product or service. They clearly illustrate that the public wants their advertising, the kind that they pay attention to and spread in a viral context, to be entertaining or useful to them in some way.

5 Viral Marketing Examples:

Old Spice – February 2010

TNT Add Drama – April 2012


Air New Zealand an Expected Briefing – October 2012

Advantages of viral marketing

  • A viral video should be low cost. After having a definite boost, you will keep getting the hits by the users.
  • A viral video can get a great reach quite easily. Any viral video on the internet can get international reach within a short time and with less effort. This unique ability of viral marketing makes it affordable for any company, especially small or private individuals.
  • Unlike the other classical form of marketing, viral marketing is not invasive. A user has the power to interact and share the viral content. More interaction means more exposure for your brand.
  • Personal connection is essential for viral marketing. A user finds the viral content so incredible that the user himself decides to share it or not. This personal connection with the brand is the most powerful tool for branding.

For your viral video marketing, contact with JP 360 Solutions. We have experience and the expertise to make your brand viral!