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Jeralyn’s skill and expertise in search engine optimization, digital marketing and social media management goes far beyond the ordinary. I know her as a colleague and one of the top people in this industry. I believe what set’s Jeralyn apart is her dedication to her clients regardless their size, coupled with her ability to always stay ahead of the ever-changing digital world. I’m confident you will not find a better Business Consultant in your market. If you get the chance to work with her do not miss the opportunity.
Clyde Lawrence

Corporate Controller at Megger

I had the pleasure of working with Jeralyn. In my career I have never seen more support and results delivered from a digital expert as I did from Jeralyn. Always innovative and forward thinking with a can do attitude. Jeralyn. brings tremendous value and delivers results! Jeralyn completely gets search engine optimization, digital marketing and online branding and how they need to reinforce each other. She has taught us how to think about them in tandem and shown us the strategies and tools to make it happen.
Stacy Shepard

Department Leader at Edward Jones

Jeralyn is a very bright business management professional with a broad set of skills and experiences. She is a hard working and well organized who consistently delivers on her commitments. Great Personality and always thinks out of Box to get the work done and shows good spirit to get the work done and shares her knowledge with other professionals and always eager to learn new technologies. Always trying to strengthen her personal network and her friends and colleagues network.
Richie Coffey

Training Manager at Radio Shack

Anyone who works with her can attest to her efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, professional business acumen and ethical conduct. Jeralyn is the one who is always ready to take that extra mile to get the job done. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jeralyn will truly appreciate all she is able to do to help them both succeed. I highly recommend working and connecting with Jeralyn. She was thrown into a complex environment at the head of a team new to the responsibility, and came out shining through process control and great communication through all levels of her management chain. I am glad to have worked with her and recommend her highly.
Gavin Romano

Senior Enterprise Architect at GlobalLogic

Jeralyn’s knowledge, experience and her ability easily place’s her in the list of top professionals for digital marketing and online branding. Many claim to have search engine optimization and digital marketing skills, but very few can actually do it to a high standard, Jeralyn is one of the very few and that is why you need to work with her.
Johnny Bush

Senior Consultant / Advisor - Real Estate at Ed Condolon Consulting

Jeralyn’s background in online business and marketing and the processes involved in the business area allow her to quickly assess issues and formulate viable alternatives. With her comprehensive background and experience in business marketing management she is able to implement processes to support these alternatives and deliver value to the business. Jeralyn is very conscientious with soft skills as well as hard skills sufficient to understand and deliver any project with ease. In our work together on projects she has always been a key brainstorming and implementation sounding board. Her innovative ideas, competence, skills and assertive management style are such that I would welcome any future opportunity to work with her in a Local Company. I can and do highly recommend Jeralyn’s work and work ethic.
Colby Pope

Operations Manager at Daimler Chrysler

Jeralyn is a very professional Ecommerce Consultant with great knowledge about Shopify and Amazon platforms. During the time I worked with her, she was very helpful and always stayed up-to-date to the latest marketing trends. She is great at consulting, strategy planning and execution. She is easy to communicate with, organized, efficient and result-oriented.
Ricardo Williamson

Brand & Digital Marketing Director at Yves Rocher

Jeralyn is goal-oriented and is extremely entrepreneurial. She excels not only in organizing a project that she conceived or is in its infancy, but also displays expertise in managing it thanks to her digital marketing skills. Jeralyn has drive and is not afraid to take the initiative. She is very supportive of her team members, constantly challenges them to improve, and has each person’s best interest at heart. I highly recommend her.
Pierre Christensen

Regional Operations Manager at Hertz

Jeralyn has the ability to see and define all the minute details of a task and be persistant in seeking answers. Her attention to detail ensures the best opportunity for success for her and her team members in projects the are assigned to deliver.
Toby Carpenter

Office Manager at Raymond James

Jeralyn’s experience and knowledge are a huge asset to any company. She understands customers needs and delivers on her promises. I would highly recommend Jeralyn and I plan to work with her again in the near future.
Maxwell Elkins

Marketing Project Manager at Ebay Advertising

Jeralyn is a Marketing Consultant who understands the big picture and how her project endeavors fit into it. Almost effortlessly she can mesh the technical aspects of her project in with the business and human side of IT endeavors. She is also highly skilled in the three areas which make a project a success: search engine optimization, digital marketing and PPC. In my experience, those are rare traits in this business.
Lance Dougherty

Senior Technical Architect at Assurant

I have worked with Jeralyn in various projects and varying levels of complexity. She is always able to find common ground and to adhere to processes necessary for successful fulfillment of her projects and assignments. Her coordination of concise meetings to re-energize activities and assist other resources to complete their tasks are key to her success and competence while involved in projects large and small. I can attest to her abilities in managing projects, people and situations that ultimately make her a valued player on any team.
Darnell Phillips

IT Business Consultant at SRA, a CSRA Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeralyn on several projects and one of the many outstanding traits you will find in Jeralyn is the level of attention that she invests in each of her projects. Jeralyn is not only an expert in the Digital world, but she also goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients are reaching their business goals.
Hollis Mclaughlin

Information Security Professional at DST Systems

Jeralyn has a wide range of experience and expert in Ecommerce (including Amazon). She is always a key contributor to projects and work efforts in building our online presence. Jeralyn has always been a highly regarded resource and a stable element in what is oftentimes an irrational and harsh production environment. She is always able to focus on core issues and significant avenues for incremental improvements to existing systems. On several projects she was able to provide architectural/process modifications that increased end customer satisfaction when others were unable to get the job done.
Daniel Krause

Lead Analyst at LexisNexis

Jeralyn is a tireless professional and one of the most well-rounded SEO Consultant minds I’ve ever known. She is incredibly detail-oriented and meticulous in her planning and execution of complex initiatives. She is very principled, with a strong moral ethic and a desire to do things the right way. She is a strong leader, who leads by example with her effort and attitude. It was a pleasure working with Jeralyn at JP 360 Solutions. I’m certain our paths will cross again.
Vanessa Richards

Key Account Manager at Salesforce

Jeralyn is a strong Marketing Consultant. She has the formal skills and process focus to lead large projects. Jeralyn also possesses a great deal of technical ability. Jeralyn can speak to all levels of project stakeholders and resources with competency. Jeralyn and I often discussed project issues and brainstormed the continuous improvement of the latest technology business methodologies. Jeralyn demonstrates strong critical thinking, innovation and problem-solving skills. I highly recommend her based on her skills and strong work ethic.
Roberto Kinney

Sales and Marketing Rep at RR Donnelley Global Turnkey Solutions

Jeralyn demonstrated the ability to handle a wide range of projects spanning many different technologies, Jeralyn went to great lengths to ensure that all project team members had a clear understanding of their roles and the objective of the project. As a member of Jeralyn’s project teams I picked up many digital marketing and project management techniques that eventually helped with me to become a better professional.
Wayne Massey

Divisional Planner at Booz Allen Hamilton

eralyn has an attention to detail and thoughtful demeanor that supports her in fulfilling her role(s) as a Principal Digital Marketing Consultant of JP 360 Solutions. Her deliberate approach to projects from requirements gathering, concept translation into functional specs and delivery of final designs have demonstrated her abilities. I count myself lucky to have known and worked with Jeralyn and her staff to deliver on larger projects and would not hesitate to request her leadership in search engine optimization, digital marketing and PPC again given the chance. I highly recommend her without reservation.
Kendall Stout

Operations/Recruitment Lead at UST Global

Jeralyn quickly becomes a subject matter expert in areas to which she is assigned. She is a ‘take-charge’ person that is proactive in her approach. I have been in the Local Company business for many years and there are few people I trust and know I can rely on, Jeralyn is one of these people.
Cecil Yoder

Vice President Affiliate Marketing at Maverick American Sales

Jeralyn is a driven professional who serves her clients and whose true calling is her ability to create personal relationships with her clients on each Project. What I really appreciate is that everything Jeralyn does is driven by building business for the future. She focuses on long-term financial relationships (just like me) not one and done deals. I am certain that Jeralyn is in exactly the right place at the right time. Jeralyn is clearly a unique world class professional.
Anastasia Hopkins

Sr, Business Support Analyst at Live Nation Entertainment

Jeralyn has taken her Passion for Online Marketing and turned it into an art form. Her commitment to providing a first class service to her clients is second to none. I’ve enjoyed successful collaborations with Jeralyn on many ventures. Her attention to detail is what every company needs when searching for a Digital Marketing Consultant. Two thumbs up to Jeralyn.
Alfred Lester

Regional Production Manager at Eli Lilly and Company

Jeralyn is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. She is an excellent SEO Consultant, highly autonomous, solutions oriented and results driven. Jeralyn builds long lasting relationships with her clients, and I truly hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. I have 100% confidence in her ability to be successful at any new challenge.
Laura Costello

Division Sales Manager at Omnicom

Jeralyn’s skills are truly superior. She is inclusive in her requirements gathering and work breakdown structure analysis, meticulous in her project management plan, and relentless in execution. With Jeralyn, you will never wonder where the project is overall, or what the issues are, and what’s being done about them. Jeralyn has the truly unique ability to work with difficult people in difficult situations in the most professional manner possible. She can be demanding and hold others accountable without being combative or insulting. She deals well with criticism – even when it is less that constructive, and un-called for. Very professional and tactful.
Lucas Woods

Business Analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence

Jeralyn has one of the best work ethics of anyone I have ever worked with. Furthermore, she holds herself and those that she works with to only the highest standards of quality and commitment to deadlines and results achievement. Her search engine optimization, digital marketing, branding and PPC skills are impeccable, and her efficiency and output was always, without fail. Jeralyn is highly energetic, highly intelligent and highly motivated.
Chang Matthews

National Account Manager at Atlas Copco

Jeralyn is very experienced in the field of Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She goes above and beyond to help out develop the best Ecommerce website and can help bring in traffic to any site. If you are looking for the best digital marketer that can truly deliver, then hire Jeralyn!
Andrej Mitevski

Web Developer

We were fortunate to work with Jeralyn as the Principal Consultant at JP 360 Solutions. She is an extremely effective and motivated executive with a strategic view of Online Branding and Marketing as a whole. A ‘connected’ leader to her team, she established an empowered team which allowed her to scale her footprint and that of her organization. She was also a solid speaker for the company, and brings with her cultural sensitivity which was essential for success at JP 360 Solutions.
Van Calhoun

Senior Technical Architect at SEOVEND Technologies

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeralyn. She is skilled and energetic with an upbeat, get-it-done personality. She would excel as a SEO Consultant, or in a related role for any company. Jeralyn has excellent communication skills, has great search engine optimization, digital marketing and PPC skills and stands out in real-life social settings.
Mohammad Roach

Office Manager at Dell EMC

Jeralyn at JP 360 Solution is very knowledgeable about SEO and will help you expand your business. She understands SEO and implements only the most powerful and up-to-date SEO techniques for her clients, which have resulted in some of the fastest Google rankings I have seen. My best recommendations.
Nurudeen Tijani

SEO and Digital Marketing Expert at TitaniumClicks

Jeralyn has an incredible ability to connect with people. When combined with branding and digital marketing skills, it is a combination that leads to happy customers with rapidly growing businesses. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeralyn in several times and can say with confidence that she is a wise businesswoman and an exceptionally compassionate human being.
Cruz Armstrong

SVP, WW Sales at Good Powered by BlackBerry

Jeralyn Pasinabo Peagler is not just a brilliant and precise Project Manager but also an inspiring person. She is always punctual, her knowledge is vast and extensive. I would recommend her with any project that requires the very best in Digital Marketing Management and execution. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time she has left me without a solution. Jeralyn will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. She is a a credible individual and I will always hold her in the highest esteem.

Inventory Manager at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Jeralyn Peagler is an expert when it comes to SEO, She knows what she needs in order to get you on Google’s page 1. With her search marketing tools. Jeralyn could surely get your business up and running continuosly.
Anne Gonzales

New York, New York

Jeralyn always has incredibly brilliant ideas and feedback. She is someone I truly enjoy working with and trust with my business. I recommend her!
Deon Howell

Senior Account Manager at The Hershey Company

I’ve known Jeralyn since I met her through a networking event. I always get blown away by her in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization. She has a very hands on approach when dealing her project and is very good at what she does. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Diana Mcintyre

Senior National Account Manager at Nationwide Financial

Jeralyn is a dynamic and creative SEO Consultant. She is extremely effective at identifying and prioritizing challenges, and then taking action to implement the needed programs. Moreover, she was able to work not only at a strategic level, but also willing and able to get her hands dirty. I enjoyed working with her and would welcome the chance to do so again in the future.
Edmund Byrne

Senior Analyst at PwC