SEO Marketing in 2019, The Impact To Your Business

2018 is almost over and 2019 is knocking at our doorstep. It’s high time to start working on your SEO marketing in 2019 to get an edge over your competitors. If you don’t know anything about SEO or SEM, we recommend you to read the article on SEO and SEM marketing.

Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred as SEO is evolving dramatically & outperforms other digital marketing tactics for ROI. No matter you have a business or you are a marketer, it’s important for us to keep up to date with the changes in trends and algorithms. The idea or trend which is awesome and effective today can bring severer implication for you in the coming years. Also, new trends are always appearing on the horizon which can bring more success to you. In this article, we will discuss the impact on your business that can bring the SEO marketing in 2019! Let’s begin,

SEO marketing

SEO Marketing in 2019

Mobile First:

Smartphone has a dramatic impact on the digital landscape over the past decades. Right now the majority searchers are from a mobile device and its increasing! If you haven’t prepared your website for mobile devices then you are falling behind. The Mobile First Index of Google launched at 2018 and from now on mobile-friendly websites will get a preference at the mobile search results. Mobile first experience is now the priority and without a mobile-friendly website, your marketing campaign will heavily be affected. The most important change is now google bots will crawl websites for individual desktop and mobile friendly versions. If your website has a device type redirect in place, then maybe you should be more cautious. If any of your content is missing from the mobile site then it won’t be seen at the mobile search engine & won’t be included in the mobile-first index.


Rolled out in March 2017, Fred in an unconfirmed update by Google. This algorithm update works with against ad-centred or affiliate-filled websites to devalue them. Websites those have created to generate ad revenue by hosting low-quality content are the main victim of Fred. Google introduced this algorithm update to ensure that ads are placed on high-quality websites. It’s one of the most impactful algorithm updates yet it’s not confirmed by Google but we can see it impacts on SERPs and it will surely impact both websites looking to place content on other websites and website that will come in future.

Engagement in SEO and it’s future:

For SEO, engagement is very important and it will always be. Google provides a lot of necessary data from SERPs by Google Analytics. These data will be used directly or indirectly via different methods. When we use a lot of efforts and resources for generic keywords, it should be specific enough. Otherwise, it will be a waste. Similarly, a lot of traffic will be pointless when you won’t be able to provide a better user experience. That’s why JP 360 Solutions designed all it’s SEO and SEO marketing campaigns to get the best result within budget.

Artificial Intelligence will be the next big thing!

Artificial Intelligence or simply known as AI is the buzzword now and it surely will be the trend of 2019. Already Google is using its own invented AI named AutoML. It’s now actively interacting with the SERPs to show you the most desired result based on your search pattern, location, favourites and what other users clicked on for a similar query. This AI learns from the behaviour of other users and relevant data. And you will be amazed to know that AutoML takes account to every single search!

Voice Search:

Voice search is a perfect example of how Search is continuing to evolve in line with technology. With the massive popularity of voice search-based products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice search is now a good source of customers. You will be amazed to know that 20% total mobile search queries are now from voice search. Voice search is now like normal google search where you can work with keyword or keywords. Most of the time it will be a phrase or natural, spoken, a conversational language used in normal conversation. Questions are also used in voice search. Feature snippet is also connected to voice search and answers the question of a search.

It’s not that only above mentioned will be the key factors of SEO marketing in 2019. There are other important features and trends that will surely impact your business in 2019. JP 360 Solution always keep a close eye to new trends and features of SEO marketing and strives to reach the marketing goals. Drop a mail and our world-class customer service team will contact you and guide you through the whole process.