Most Innovative and Effective Email Marketing Strategies of 2018

In this era, where digital marketing plays a very significant role, email is one of the best platforms. According to a latest report, it has been seen that emails receive 30 times more ROI (return on investment) on an average. Over the past few years, email marketing strategies have changed a lot. Every day, more than 250 billion emails are sent and the number is expected to cross 275 billion each day by 2019. This form of marketing has outperformed the other form of marketing like content marketing, PPC and SEO. To make email a great platform for marketing, you need to have some innovative and effective strategies. Email is also a cost-effective way for promoting your services or products as well as for communicating with your customers. It can be a great way to accomplish your goals for the business.

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The Most Innovative and Effective Email Marketing Strategies of 2018

Business houses use email to connect and communicate with their customers. It has been seen that 72% of the people like to receive the promotional contents via email. On the other hand, only 17% prefer to receive via social media. Hence, it is important to have proper marketing strategies for your business. Here are some effective and very innovative email marketing strategies that can help you to generate more leads for the business:

#1: Give Something Exciting & Valuable

Nowadays, the value of an online website or business is evaluated by the growth and number of the subscribers they have. Higher number of subscribers means higher value of your business site. But the truth is people don’t want to give their email for just subscribing to your website. Even if they like your website, that doesn’t mean they will provide you with their email. You have to give them a strong reason to sign up and that reason must be powerful enough to convenience them.

For example: One of the smartest digital marketers, Ramit Sethi, came up with an idea to ask the visitors to take up a free quiz. This quiz will be able to tell the visitors about their earning potential. Once you take the quiz, it leads you to a page where they ask for your name and your email address to get the quiz results. Of course, people are eager to know their earning potential and hence they end up giving their email address to them.

#2: Optimize Your Emails For Smartphone

Smartphone is the future and most of the people check the emails through their mobile or via tablets. Desktop sales are dropping down at a fast pace. People prefer tablets and mobiles over desktops. Whereas only 19% of the emails are opened from desktop, about 54% of emails are opened on the mobile phones. So, if your emails are not mobile optimized, then people will not be interested in them. They will probably delete it too. So, it can reduce the chances of converting subscribers into potential customers. So, in order to increase sales of your business, you need to optimize each and every mail for the mobile before you send them.

#3: Personalize The Email

Personalized email message doesn’t mean you have to personalized each and every message and send them individually to each and every subscriber. Personalizing an email message means you can customize the data collected from your customers for creating a personalized message. For instance: Amazon always personalized their emails for the subscribers. Instead of mentioning as “Dear valued customer”, they use “Dear Emily”. This personalized way of addressing the customers can have a great impact on their minds. 70% of the brands do not use these personalized emails for their subscribers. Hence, you can stand out if you use this strategy.

#4: Focus on Inactive Subscribers

Targeting the already existing customers is less expensive and you will be able to take advantage of repeat customers too. So, besides the current subscribers, you must think of different ways to engage the inactive subscribers. They can still become your valued customers or refer to their friends if they love your products or services. If they are inactive for a certain period, you need to come up with some exciting and great ways to kindle the interest in them. You can reengage the inactive subscribers by simply conducting a survey or poll. Promise them to reward something exciting after the survey or poll ends. Make sure to send them free gifts as rewards or a coupon code to avail the discount.

#5: Use The Automation Feature

According to a recent report, it has been found that B2B marketers who are using automation for the email marketing get better conversion rate. This email automation can convert the leads into your prospects. Also, it can please your existing customers and convince them to use the product for their benefits. This will naturally boost up your sale with higher conversion rate. So, make sure to use a good and reliable platform for the email automation service.

#6: Send Exclusive Contents Occasionally

Being exclusive is a powerful strategy for marketing. Many brands use this strategy for several years to stay ahead in the competition. For instance: Apple Inc. uses this strategy and undoubtedly, it is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Despite of having a very tiny market share in smartphone industry, it is one of the leading companies. The reason is its exclusivity. Hence, with this exclusivity you can gain more email subscribers and generate more sales. It can be anything! You can create a product which is only available exclusive for your email list.

#7: Add Call To Action

One of the traditional yet effective strategies for marketing through email is adding a call to action. It adds urgency to your email. You can use “Hurry Up!” or “Offer valid for few minutes only” or “Limited items left” or Buy now!” These can pursue to the customers to a great extent. These urgent situations or call to action make them to act quickly as soon as they get the email.

So, these are just the few most innovative and effective email marketing strategies of 2018. This can help you to pursue your subscribers to visit your website which can effectively increase sales of your products or services. You must try these strategies next time to make sure you get best conversion rate. If you need help with getting more conversions with your current email marketing strategies, please fill out our online discovery form so we can send you a free email marketing strategy tips.