Marketing Automation Tools That Could Change Your Small Business

Marketing automation tools are necessary for any company no matter how big or how small it is. 24 hours make a day and when you have so many things to do like Cramming business development, customer service, marketing, production, financials, and everything else, marketing automation tools will let you get a good sleep.  

Marketing automation tools will automate some of your processes and find a tool that can automate many components of marketing at once is the key for small and medium business. We have used each of the tools provided below and we can assure that these marketing automation tools are very helpful, easy to use and effective. For any information regarding any of the tools provided below, please contact JP 360 Solutions,

Marketing Automation Tools

Some amazing marketing automation tools:


Ontraport is created to support entrepreneurs in delivering their value to the world by removing the burden of technology. It is also their mission. It provides a complete visualization of the customer journey. We know that many small businesses struggle to gain a clear understanding of how their marketing efforts are paying off. Ontraport is built to help small & medium businesses see how customers respond to messages — via SMS, email, postcards, and landing pages — through data from different sources. This information is necessary to build compelling campaigns within the platform. It’s also a complete package as you expand so you can see true growth without the hiccup of finding other marketing tools. Ontraport also has a campaign builder which allows you to set goals and base their automation on achieving those goals — give small businesses the opportunity to customize.


Delivra is an email and SMS based automation tool. It’s email open rates are 95% higher than regular email open rates. Delivra maximizes customer engagement by offering help with effective SMS and email campaigns. It will assist you with direct mail and A/B test. You can get weekly reports and customized engagement scoring. Using it’s drag & drop editor and Image editor, you can create amazing campaigns. You can also integrate Delivra with multiple systems to enable small businesses to segment shoppers and re-engage them.


It’s an effective marketing automation platform which includes different tools such as account-based marketing, email, mobile, social, digital ads, web, and marketing analytics. It allows you to drive engagement through multiple channels from one platform. You can build long lasting relationships with customers which helps to create end-to-end engagement. Marketo is a cloud-based platform which can handle hundreds of millions of activities each day. Customized solutions are available for healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing, media, and higher education at Marketo.


Hubspot is an inbound marketing tool with a free CRM. This free CRM helps businesses organize and track customers. HubSpot says, its CRM “automates the tasks salespeople hate.” The entire journey of your customer will be visible in a single dashboard by tracking interactions automatically. HubSpot offers to blog, landing pages, email, lead management, analytics, web, social media, SEO, ads, and integration with Salesforce. It also keeps a timeline of all calls, emails, and meetings involving specific customers.


This automation software is simple and straightforward and it can be used as a self-serving platform which offers email, in-app message, SMS, and postcards. Using Autopilot you will be able to interact with both new and old customers. This platform can be easily integrated with other systems. It monitors a customers performance from the beginning to the end.


Infusionsoft is also created to focus on small businesses. It helps small businesses to grow by offering automated marketing technology. It includes mobile, analytics, and a CRM, as well as e-commerce solutions with a variety of integrations. Reports are also available on this platform.


ActiveCampaign listens and learns so it can customize messages to visitors to convert them into customers and then advocates. This multichannel marketing automation tool gets glimpses of a small business’ website while looking at different user information. It has an integrated campaign builder which helps a lot.

Marketing automation tool is a surefire way for small business to save time and money. Most of the time automation works in the marketing field because it’s the perfect arena for doing so. An automated. JP 360 Solutions knows which platform fits your company best so you can save even more time while building your bottom line.