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Local SEO is About Bringing Customers Through Your Doors

Did you know that local SEO can help provide traffic, visibility, branding, and credibility for local businesses? Managing a successful local business requires a lot of determination and hard work in order to attract and maintain customers. Let us help you bring more customers to your door!

  • Your customers can find you easily online!
  • Help you brand your business!
  • Boost your online reputation!
  • Get more customers to visit your store!
  • Be ahead of competition!

How can SEO Benefit a Local Business?

Search Engine Optimization or also known as SEO is a common term in digital marketing. SEO optimize a website for global client whereas local SEO is optimization for the local audience. If your target audience is located near your office or shop, you have to practice local SEO to generate traffic to your website. Local SEO can’t substitute overall SEO, but it’s a pivotal part to generate higher audience and more revenue. Google also prefers local business by showing local business results to every local searches.

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How does Local SEO Works?

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Like the SEO process, local SEO also starts with the upfront work on the website. Ranking within the local business listings is necessary. Local SEO heavily relies on local NAM citations, local review and Google My business signals instead of link buildings. Now where to start the local SEO? JP 360 Solutions will show you everything.

Google My Business:

The first step in local SEO is to claim your Google My Business page. It’s a free online platform that Google provides to help business owners to increase their online visibility and to help people find and review businesses in their local area. It’s like a valid business directory. When listing on Google My Business page, you need to add the following details:

  • Add a long & unique description with links in the correct format
  • Choose the right category that suits your business
  • Add a local phone number
  • Add a business address which is also the same as your website and local directories
  •  Add high-resolution profile and cover photo
  •  Add your business hours/days
  • Encourage customers to provide a review
Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP):

Your business name, address and phone number also known as NAP should be same across the whole website & Google My Business page. Consistency is the main priority here. Also, use the exact details and format should be used everywhere. You can also use Schema.org markup on your NAP to give the search engine all they need to display.

Local Reviews:

Local reviews have an impact on local search ranking so it should be wise to spend some time acquiring it. Never try for fake one because it’s always risky. Encourage your customers to drop a review. You can offer them free staffs or discounts. You can also help the customer by showing them the way to how to give a review. It’s beneficial for customers who are not tech savvy.

Local On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO factors are crucial for local search ranking. It’s just old school SEO process. Contact us for local on-page SEO factors. Basics are given below,

  • Add city or region & relevant keyword at landing page title tag
  • Add city or region & relevant keyword at landing page H1 tag
  • Add city or region & relevant keyword at landing page URL
  • Add city or region & relevant keyword at landing page content
  • Add city or region & relevant keyword at landing image ALT attributes
  • Enable a Google map with the business marker

SEO changes all the time. Google introduces new algorithm updates for its search engine so local SEO is also heating up. You need to optimize your on-site & off-site SEO strategies accordingly. . Below you will find some core tactics for local On-Page SEO.

  • Title and meta description tags: Title tag and meta description tag are HTML elements, and it reflects the content of a specific page. These tags also displayed on the search page so treat them as your mini advertisement. Because a potential client will click it if he finds the title and description relevant and attractive. It’s the one shot you have to attract the searcher to click it. So place everyone word carefully. Make it count.
  • Image ALT attributes: Every image on your website should have ALT tag. A user can’t see it, but it’s essential for Google search. If you search an image on Google search, Google shows the image from this ALT tag. Use the relevant and proper tag to get this opportunity.

Youtube videos are also a excellent ranking factor for local SEO. Create a youtube channel and post videos with proper description and title. Google often use the video clip as it’s search result. Both Youtube and Google are the same company, so it plays a crucial role in ranking.

Online directories and citation:

Make sure your business has been listed on top online directories such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, Citysearch, and others. You can also do it by listing your business on local directories and newspaper websites. One way to do it by publishing a press release. Government websites & educational websites are also an excellent source of citation. Make sure it’s consistent everywhere. If it’s listed incorrectly, Google may not show your business name on the search.

Website optimization:

The smartphone is a vital part of your life now, and it’s also a tool that is used for searching. Google has emphasized a lot on mobile devices, and if your website is not optimized for the mobile device, Google may not show your business listing on its mobile search result. Website loading speed is also very crucial. If it’s slow then bounce rate will increase. Higher bounce rate means your website is not relevant to the search phrase and Google will surely hide your site from the search result.

Local SEO is a part of Search Engine Optimization. JP 360 Solutions helps local business to get their active presence on Search Engine Result Page. It is high time to work on to stay ahead of your competitors.

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