How to create a 7 step sales funnel for free | Part 1

No matter how good or appealing your product or service is, people just don’t buy it randomly. It may seem that out of the blue a customer comes & buys from you, there are more than it seems.

There is a lot that goes on before a customer click the magic “buy now” or “order now” button. it’s a whole process of making the buying decision.

It may take hours, days, or months. It can take up to years before a random person become your customer. It can be called the decision-making process & being a smart entrepreneur, one should be completely aware of this.

Understanding the different stages of the decision-making process is very important to be successful. Marketing campaigns, offers & messages should be specifically designed to meet these specific stages.

To become successful, you should understand how this decision-making process works. Smart entrepreneurs are calling this process the sales funnel.

A sales funnel is the possible map of this decision-making process where you will be able to guess how a random audience become an admirer of your brand or why ignoring it. The sales funnel also dictates how to retain a customer. So it’s a complete journey of your customer.

Ashab Santow

Since you have read this far, I should not keep you waiting. But before creating a sales funnel, let’s identify the different stages of this journey.

Step 1: A potential customer identifies a need. It can be a product or a service. He/She thinks it should be bought.

Step 2: He/she checks Instagram, Facebook, or other social media. It’s the stage where a customer gets inspiration about the product as well as the brand. He/she can be a fan or a follower of a celeb, it also impacts the customer.

Step 3: It’s the research phase, where he/she starts to check the product online through searching it online, check websites, reviews, etc.

Step 4: In this stage, the customer finds something interesting or promising for him/her. He/she visits the vendor’s website or other e-commerce websites.

Step 5: Now the decision-making phase where he/she adds the product to the cart and goes to check our page. It’s the most important step.

In step 5, a potential customer may click the “buy now” button or simply leaves the website. They may buy the same thing from a different website but this is pretty much the whole picture of the journey of a random person to become a buyer.

Sales funnel will deal with this journey, it will create different steps to guide you to make this journey for your customer more comfortable. A sales funnel will show you how to grab a customer and guide him/her till step 5!

Now you know how the sales funnel works, let’s create one, shall we?

The sales funnel we are going to create will work with almost all businesses. No matter you are selling a digital product like an online course or an offline product like fresh vegetables, it will surely work because it’s universal!

This 7-step sales funnel will generate more leads and we all know more leads=more sales.

Sample Sales Funnel by Ashab Santow

This infographic about the sales funnel will show you how to create one for your business.

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