How Google Rankbrain Algorithm Works?

Google Rankbrain Algorithm is the heart of the Google Search Engine and it’s a machine-learning artificial intelligence system. Google Rankbrain algorithm dictates what will appear at the Search Engine Result Page and which website will appear at the top. As with other algorithm updates, Google never defined what is Google Rankbrain Update and how it works. The first time the term Rankbrain appeared at the surface from the Bloomberg story. Some additional information is now available on search engine land. Below you will find a detailed analysis on Google Rankbrain Algorithm and how it works. Not all information is officially accepted by Google but based on our assumption and knowledge.

So what is Google Rankbrain Algorithm?

Google Rankbrain Algorithm is a machine learning artificial intelligence system which process search results and the was published at Bloomberg and also confirmed by Google. Here machine learning is a term means the computer teaches itself from patterns. Machine learning removes the need for human participation. On the other artificial intelligence means the computer can be as smart as a human being. It can acquire knowledge both being taught and from the assumption on what it knows. Wait, Google won’t take over the world. True AI only exists at science fiction, here AI is referred to a computer system which can learn and make connections. You may think AI and machine learning is the same. At Google Rankbrain Algorithm, they are used as synonymous with each other. Sometime the term machine learning will describe which type of artificial intelligence approach has been employed here.

Google Rankbrain Algorithm

Another major confusion about Google Rankbrain algorithm is it’s the only search algorithm. Actually, it’s a part of the overall search algorithm which sorts through the billions of pages and picks the most relevant based on the search phrase. It’s the part of Hummingbird update which released in 2013. Though there is no visible confirmation many parts of the Hummingbird update is still there so Google Rankbrain Algorithm must be a part of it. It’s like the updated engine of a car. Hummingbird also contains other previous parts such as Panda, Penguin & payday introduced to fight spam, Pigeon introduced to improve local search results, Top Heavy to demote ad-based pages, Mobile introduced in a Friendly way to encourage mobile friendly pages and pirate to fight against copyright infringement.

Ranking signals:

Ranking signals are used by Google to help determine how to rank websites and web pages. No one exactly knows how much ranking signals are there but according to some statements, it’s more than 200 ranking signals. Everything that related to the ranking of a website is part of the ranking signals.

All these signals are part of the Hummingbird algorithm. And you will be amazed to know that there are more than 1000 sub-ranking signals. We will touch all the ranking signals in a future article. From out of nowhere Rankbrain appeared and it’s confirmed by the Bloomberg that Google Rankbrain Algorithm is the 3rd most important ranking factors.

“RankBrain is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that determines what results appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked, Corrado said. In the few months, it has been deployed, RankBrain has become the third-most important signal contributing to the result of a search query, he said.”

You may be asking yourself what are the 1st and 2nd most important ranking signals. Yet again Google has not confirmed what are they. Based on our consumption the 1st most important ranking signal is the link profile. It’s can be considered as votes which shows how important a website is. The 2nd most important ranking signal is the word used on the website. That’s the only way to determine what is the topic of the page and how relevant the page is against the search phrase. And our assumption is right because, in March 2016, Google revealed that the first two ranking factors are content and links.

How does Google Rankbrain Algorithm work?

Rankbrain interprets the searches that have been submitted by people to find pages that might not have the same search phrases that were searched for. Google already has an algorithm to do that but Google Rankbrain Algorithm refined the process. Rankbrain now can show smarter answers. Suppose you entered the keyword “machine” and Google will show you everything related to machine and machines. Technically these are 2 different words but algorithms have been evolved to that extent. Synonyms are also now a part of the search term. Google will also show pages with synonyms as it’s keyword. The most common example is apple. Google will understand what do you mean by apple though it can be apple as fruit or apple as the mobile brand.

Google Rankbrain is refining queries:

Google processes 3 billion searches per day and 15-20% are completely new queries. So the automation of the necessary changes. Among these search terms, there are complex, multi-word/long-tailed queries. Google Rankbrain Algorithm is introduced to better interpret those queries and effectively translate them for searchers. It’s the process to find the best page for each search term. Here machine learning finds a pattern between seemingly unconnected complex search terms and understands the connections among them. It also allows the algorithm to better understand the future complex searches. When someone clicks a page based on his search term Google takes this as a signal. When the same thing happens for several different searchers, Google understands the importance of that specific page and consider it as relevant. Then it automatically ranks that specific page for that search term.

Like the Google, Bing also has a machine learning system called RankNet. Microsoft never talks about RankNet but it’s clear that it has been created on the same principles. Search result for Google also changes based on location. When you search “How many tablespoons in a cup, Google Rankbrain Algorithm and show result based on the location because the measurement is not similar for every country.

Google Rankbrain Algorithm is the revolution for the Google search engine. It’s the beginning of implementing new technologies and we should be excited about these Google Search Algorithm. For any query, please contact JP 360 Solutions.