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You got a mail! We all are familiar with this message since the introduction of email marketing. But what is email marketing? Generally, it’s the use of email to promote business, products, and services. More specifically it’s the use of email to build the relationship with potential and existing customers or clients. It’s a significant part of internet marketing.

Statistics show that there are three times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined. The chance of click-through in emails is higher. Email has the highest ROI of any marketing channel available. But we all hate the spam emails right? Because someone from somewhere buys a list of emails and then send emails with an offer which we don’t want. It’s giving email marketing a bad name. Email is often used to inform customers with latest deals and offers and tailor marketing message to the customers. Now you may be asking yourself, how will you get started? What are the steps needed and how to be successful? JP 360 Solutions is here to answer all your questions and help you from scratch. Keep scrolling below to learn more about email marketing.

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An Email Marketing Campaign Strategy that Works!

Email marketing and its advantages:

Email marketing is not like sending random email to all subscribers. It’s not like you get a list of emails and now send them all. If you’re having a tremendous bounce rate and losing subscribers than these may be the reason. Like a customer relation officer, you need to treat every email address as an individual user. If you can do it correctly, you will get the success. Now, what are the advantages of email marketing?

Two of the most critical advantages of email marketing is cheap and easy. Email marketing is a very cheap way of digital marketing compared to other types of online marketing. It’s also straightforward and extremely simple to setup and tracks an email marketing campaign. So no matter you are a massive or small company, we always recommend email marketing. You can send the newsletter or promotional mail to subscribers who are already loyal to your service or company. An email is a token that you honor the specific subscriber, and you expect another visit any time.

With the massive popularity of social media and other forms of marketings, you will often hear that email marketing is not relevant now. It’s not true, and you need to consult with a new marketing agency! JP 360 Solutions always choose the prime marketing tool and medium for the best result. Email marketing is still the best way for marketing campaigns,

  • 98% of total internet user use email while social media user is only 61%
  • 75% user prefer email marketing over other marketing tools
  • Email marketing allows demographic (age, income, etc.) targeting
  • Emails have an extensive range formatting than social media
  • Email marketing campaign offers lots of reporting and analytics capabilities such as click-through rates, Open rates, bounce rates & also conversions.

The most important advantage of email over other marketing mediums is a customer is more likely to see an email. If you are posting something on social media doesn’t mean that everyone will see it. A target audience might miss the post while an email will stay in the inbox until it’s read or deleted by the owner.

Additionally, you can use email to encourage your customer to like, share or visit your website. More traffic means more conversions. Social media can be used to encourage the audience to subscribe to the newsletter. So, let’s get started,

Don’t be an invader:

Sending an email to someone is like entering someone’s house. You may be invited, but you need to obey and respect his privacy. Your email should not hurt his feeling or insult him. Most of the time marketers think that their email is unique to the user. But most of the time, it looks the same as the rest. You need to remember what you are sending, whom you are sending and when you are sending. An unwanted mail at an undesirable time never helps.

Getting permission:

An email campaign should start with the consent of the users. So you need to focus on building a sizeable email list. There are different ways to do so. You can offer free staffs such as the ebook or can offer newsletter or product update information. The purpose should be clear while you are asking for a subscription. Below you will find some common questions that need to be answered,

  • What are you offering in return for my email?
  • Will you spam me?
  • How often will you send email?
  • Will I get a special discount?
  • Am I going to get a more relevant offer or something unique?
  • Will I get exclusive access?

You can’t just write “subscribe for more update” and expect that your email database will increase quickly. Some successful ways to get emails are:

  • Email series or newsletter
  • Free download
  • Free Ebook
  • New Issues notification
  • Product updates
  • New release
Get whitelisted:

Being not blocked by major ISPs is an essential part of email marketing. This is usually the task of email service providers. There are quality scores. But getting whitelisted is the best way to avoid being hit the spam box. Getting whitelisted is like being marked as a known contact. You can achieve it by being added to the address book of the recipient. You can provide instructions about how to do so at the top of the email.

Manage & follow-up:

It’s all about expectations, and it’s totally up to you to set that expectation. If your call to action(CTA) us strong enough and follow-up emails are consistent, your campaign will bring a positive result. If the subscriber is expecting daily mail and you are planning to send them weekly, you are paving the road of your failure. First, follow-up mail is always crucial. You will get the option of autoresponder from all the email service providers. So introduce yourself and your plan at first follow up mail.

When to approach:

Don’t just send mail after mail without knowing or understanding what the reader is expecting. Put yourself in the subscriber’s shoes and ask yourself, if your mail is consistent and with the expectation of the subscriber. Email should be sent based on the subscriber’s habits. Blind offer is one of the primary reason of losing subscribers. Every business is unique, and there are no specific rules about your approach. But it should be relevant to the needs of the subscriber.


A newsletter is a way to further the relationship with the subscriber. So it should be a good one instead of annoying one. Subscriber often considers an email annoying when they find it irrelevant, irregular and one they are not subscribed for. So your mail campaign should be regular, relevant and only send to those who have subscribed for your email campaign. Mix your message with personal or customized offers.


Autoresponder is something that will always keep your client or customer in touch. You can create scheduling content to be delivered on a constant basis. This will help you to build a relationship over the time, and your email won’t be annoying when they find a new mail from you. You need to schedule the autoresponder sequence by not making it annoying. How you will understand it, ask yourself.


Analytics is something that comes with all email service provider. All these analytics data are essential and necessary to measure your campaign’s success. Open rate, Click Through rate(CTR) and unsubscribes are three most crucial analytics you should keep track. The open rate will show how much email receiver has opened your mail. It’s the sign of your relationship stronger. Click through rate shows the strength of your content. If it’s low, then you should focus on improving your content/copy. Unsubscription rate shows how well you have passed the point of building value and sending good content/copy. You should always keep tracking the analytics to measure your campaign’s effectiveness.


Segmentation will help you to split up your email list into more targeted groups of subscribers. It’s needed to send emails to a targeted group. Some customer may want to hear about new products where others may only want to learn about updates or offers. Segmentation will help you to fulfill their demand individually. Below you will find some common practice of segmentation,

  • Customer
  • Product update
  • Newsletter
  • Daily/weekly/monthly email
  • New customer/leads

Email marketing is not rocket science, but yes it needs a lot of experience and practice to perfect the technique. Just ask yourself how much promotional mail you get daily and how much attracts your attention. This is where you need expert marketing agency like JP 360 Solutions which will help you to achieve your email marketing campaign’s goal.

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