Best Ways To Increase Online Traffic And Sales in 2018

It is known to all that a website is the online entity of a business. For enhancing the ROI of your business, it is essential to increase the online traffic. This will eventually help in raising the sales. If you are looking for some digital marketing strategies for increasing online traffic and sales, keep reading this article:

Emphasizing On Quality Content

A perfect content marketing strategy is considered to be one of the best options for enhancing traffic to the website. After several changes in the algorithm of Google, it is no more allowed to stuff the page with the keywords for boosting the SERP or search engine result page ranking. The algorithm of Google performs a better job in determining the quality of the content of your website. Hence, it is crucial to develop SEO friendly content for your website. In addition to this, people love to share quality content, thereby resulting in the creation of added backlinks to the website. Addition of backlinks helps in driving more organic traffic and bringing an improvement in the rankings in the search engine result pages. This will in turn help in enhancing the sales of your business.

Running Paid Social Media Advertising Campaigns

For enhancing the traffic volume of your website, you should be capable of reaching your potential audience. Running paid social media ad campaigns is considered to increase the traffic flow in the online business. It is recommended to develop highly targeted campaigns and come up with interesting ads for the customers. Make sure that the ads are attractive so that people can click through and make a purchase. If you are giving a consideration to running the paid social media advertisement campaigns, you can consider running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

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Keep The Excitement Alive With Giveaways And Contents

There are a wide number of methods for enhancing the traffic towards the business. There are sure sort ways for conferring a short-term boost to the traffic. You can go for sweepstakes, giveaways and viral content for enhancing more traffic to the store. A lot of people offer exciting prizes for the participation of the customers. Believe it or not, but rewards and prizes are recognized to be powerful incentives for making potential customers visit the store. If you use powerful sweepstakes app you could potentially bring in hundreds and hundreds of traffic and customers to your website!

Optimizing For Mobile Phones

With the upcoming of smart devices, people are more relying on mobile phones for purchasing and finding their required products. Hence, optimizing for mobile phones is a great way to find a rise in the traffic volume of your website. The mobile friendliness of a website is also taken into account while determining the SERP rating of a website. Hence, business owners are opting for different strategies for optimizing their website for mobile. They should also ensure that their website is responsive.

Optimizing For Speed

Another parameter that affects the SERP ranking of the website and dominate online traffic is the page speed. In the busy schedule of life where people have hardly any time for their family members, they certainly do not like to sit and wait for the uploading of a page. Hence, it is a must to optimize the website for enhancing its speed. This will be helpful in retaining the existing customers as well.

Performing On-Page SEO

There are a wide array of SEO tactics that should be performed on the pages of the website for increasing its ranking in the search engine and increase the number of visitors. This is inclusive of the production of the content of supreme quality. The perfect on-page SEO parameters include writing an attractive title, concise meta description for each and every page. The Title and meta descriptions, together are referred to as the snippet. Writing a rich snippet is essential for making the audience understand what the page is all about. This will let more people click on it.


Another best option for enhancing the online traffic towards your website is getting the website listed in review sites and online directories. For most of the websites, the profile will be having a link to the website. You should make sure to update the listings and get several positive reviews for the website is a great idea for increasing the traffic for the website.

Optimizing The Page For The Long Tail Keywords

Though short tail keywords are searched more often, ranking them in the prominent pages of the search engine is really challenging. However, if you target your website for the online tail keywords, there are higher chances of ranking here for queries that are specific to the services of the products and services of the business. This is helpful in attracting a great audience towards the business.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Offering promotions, discounts, and sending newsletters via email on a regular basis is an effective option for staying in touch with the customers of eCommerce stores. Email marketing campaigns are also an effective means of enhancing the traffic flow towards the website. You can also confer useful information about your products through emails. You, however, need to make sure at the same time that you should not be bombarding the readers with emails as this may annoy them.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is recognized to be an effective option for enhancing the online traffic for the website as the posts will be shared with the larger audience. It is also helpful in adding variety to the content and showing the visitors that your business is active in the niche. A lot of businesses have been able to bring a rise in the traffic flow of the website by guest blogging.

Online Engagement

You should be active in online groups and communities that have relevance to your business. You should be commenting on social media posts, blogs. You can also solve queries of people, related to the business. As you will enter into better engagement with the community, there will be added exposure. This will help in enhancing the number of profile visits. You should make sure to engage in a moderate way so that it does not hurt the reputation of the business. You should not be including links to the website of your business directly in an irrelevant manner.

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