Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

What are the digital marketing trends of 2018 through 2018 is already well underway? We have much idea about the latest digital marketing trends. The change is very rapid, and it’s happening right before our eyes. Every year we keep a track on these changes, and it’s just amazing. What was an essential tool last year, is backdated merely in this year. So the digital marketing trends are changing rapidly. If you are a digital marketing enthusiast or a digital marketer, it’s best to keep a close track of these changes. Below you will find some digital marketing trends of 2018.  

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends of 2018:

  • Live Videos
  • Personalization
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Meaningful Content
  • Voice Search
  • Paid Ads
  • Chatbots

Live Videos:

Live video is the latest trend & it becomes the best tool for digital marketing in 2018. It brings the audience closer to a brand and companies can plan it’s digital marketing plan more effectively. If you have spent time on social media, you would have known, how widespread the live video is. Brands are using live videos to promote products, services, events, promotions and more. People also like to like, share & comment on these live videos. Every brand should consider live videos as their primary digital marketing tool. Use it to stay close near your customers, hear their thoughts and get new ideas. You can also take live customer testimonials and use it to show the quality of your brand.


Nowadays, digital marketing is all about knowing your customer more. It’s not just a name and general demographics. Brands are using more time on customization. For personalization, you have to focus more heavily on customers and their experiences. Show them why customers appreciate your brand and what a difference they can achieve using your brand. Develop new and quality content to assure that your brand understands and value your customers as well as their needs. To create brand loyalty, you have provided the best customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or also known as AI is the next big thing of the digital marketing trends and if you haven’t think about using it, then you should. AI is already running as fast as a human can do and soon it will be able to do more than many of us can fathom. We have marketing apps with machine learning which can identify customers needs. Increasingly precise details can be gathered using the natural language processing of AI. AI can also monitor your marketing campaigns and measures different marketing metrics. AI is the next significant digital marketing trend of 2018.

Meaningful Content

No matter what is your business or what are your customers, content always rules. If you can create great content, it will work better than paid marketing tools. With the help of social media, great content spread faster. So always create fresh and creative content for your platform. Customers always wait for quality content and it a great bond between your brand and the customers. It also helps to create authority where customers accept you as the leader of the industry. Your goal should be to create content to get engagement with your customer and help them learn about your brand as well as it’s quality.

Voice Search:

Voice search becomes the new trend with the introduction of Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. People are using voice search which once thought was a fail invention. Voice searches are increasing from laptops and smartphones and smart devices. It’s getting increasingly popular now and become the digital marketing trends of 2018. The problem is voice search uses words more naturally than written content, so you have to take it as a consideration. You can use voice apps to use those long tail keywords and conversational phrases.

Paid Ads

No matter where the digital marketing trends go, the paid promotion will never lose its importance. Yes, we have said that content is more effective than paid ads, but through paid ads, content can be more effective. Paid ads can help you get the top position at the search engine result page without having any focus on SEO. It’s also an effective way to show tracking ads. It is true that some people feel annoying seeing ads and sometimes blocks them and some even pay a small fee, so they don’t see ads. It’s the reality. However, still, retargeting ads are the most effective way to show customized offers or products, especially for a specific customer. Customers also feel comfortable seeing ads about products they are already pursuing. If they previously purchased from you, chances are they will click on an ad that appears to be a fitting reminder.


Chatbots are a compelling digital marketing trend, and AI-based chatbots can be used to reply to instant messages. Many businesses are already using chatbot to respond to messages in real time, day or night with customers or site visitors. Smooth communication means reliable service. Google even showed an AI that talks with the human, ask and answers related questions. You can use chatbots as an essential digital marketing trend. Chatbots are interactive, responsive, answers promptly and accurately and most importantly never lose patience.

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